Supported systems

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GILDAS has been successfully compiled and (at least minimally) tested on the following systems:

Processor Operating System Fortran compiler C compiler
x86_64 Linux g95, ifort (8.0, 8.1 and 9.0) gcc
i686 Linux ifort, g95, pgf90, lf95 gcc
i686 Windows ifort ---
i686 MacOSX g95, ifort gcc
powerpc MacOSX xlf90, g95 gcc

The reference system at IRAM is Fedora Core 6 running on a PC (an x86_64 processor), using the Intel Fortran-90 compiler (ifort9.0).

We are dropping the support of the following systems because i) we are now using in GILDAS modern standard (F90/POSIX) which are now well supported on those old kind of machines and ii) we have not anymore access to any of those systems.

Processor Operating System Fortran compiler C compiler
HP HPUX native f90 native c89
alpha OSF native f90 native cc
sparc Solaris native f90 native cc
rs6000 AIX native xlf90 native xlc

However any combination of recent Processor--Unix/Linux--Fortran90 should in principle enable compilation without too many problems. If you have such a recent system, contact us (at the beside email address) so that we see what can be done.


64-bit Machines

GILDAS now supports AMD64 and EMT64 processors in full 64 bit mode: It is now proposed with both ifort version 9 (and higher) and g95. In this mode, GILDAS will search for the 64 bit version of all the libraries it depends on. Binary version of g95 with default 64 bit integers tagged Linux x86_64 (AMD) or EMT64 Binary (64 bits) on g95 web site. Be careful to pick the binaries with default 64 bit integers or some strange segmentation fault crashes will happen. The version of the g95 compiler binaries used daily at IRAM is available \href{misc/g95-x86_64-64-linux.tgz}{here}.

The compilation of GILDAS under 64 bit processors in 32 bit compatibility mode is deprecated. In this mode, the produced binaries are fully compatible with 32 bit architecture. This limited mode was proposed mainly for historical reasons as it was the easiest thing to do.

If you are lost, just try the full-64-bit-mode solution. Read first the instructions in the download section. Pay particular attention to the messages delivered by

shell-prompt> source admin/

GILDAS will tell you in those messages which libraries it needs/found.