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GILDAS is a collection of \hyperlink{gag:comp}{state-of-the-art} softwares oriented toward (sub-)millimeter radioastronomical applications (either single-dish or interferometer). It is daily used to reduce all data acquired with the IRAM 30m telescope and Plateau de Bure Interferometer PdBI (except VLBI observations). GILDAS is easily extensible. GILDAS is written in Fortran-90, with a few parts in C/C++ (mainly keyboard interaction, plotting, widgets).

Acknowledgment in publications

The GILDAS team welcomes an acknowledgment in publications using GILDAS software to reduce and/or analyze data.

Please use the following reference in your publications:

Recent milestones

Detailed news here

mar-08 There is a new binary version of GILDAS under WINDOWS.
feb-08 \newclass{} is now the default version of \class{}. Although still distributed in GILDAS, \oldclass{} is now obsolescent, \ie{} not maintained anymore. Reminder: \newclass{} has all the \oldclass{} possibilities, plus a much improved On-The-Fly support (see \newclassmemo{}).
dec-07 GAUSSCLUMP is now part of the standard GILDAS compilation.
nov-07 Major overhaul of the gildas building system.
oct-07 \astro{} has been adaptated to support the new 2mm receivers for Plateau de Bure Interferometer.
jul-07 \mira{} is now shipped with GILDAS.
jun-07 First release of a stable \clic{} version tailored for the new generation of receivers at bure.
may-07 A fully new user interface for \mapping{}.
apr-07 A fully new (POSIX compliant) interprocess communication for GILDAS.
mar-07 GILDAS now supports MacOSX on Intel processors.
feb-07 The REPROJECT task is able to use a template image that has a different velocity/frequency axis.
Fix of many small \newclass{} bugs.
nov-06 First steps towards a binding between PYTHON and SIC.
sep-06 Major upgrade of \astro{} to deal with the coming new generation of receivers at Bure.
jun-06 Improved support for NaN and Inf in \sic{}.
may-06 The XY_MAP command of \newclass{} now enables griding in a rotated frame compare to EQUATORIAL or GALACTIC.
apr-06 The handling of pointing has been fully rewritten in \telcal{} with the introduction of the double beam fitting.
mar-06 GILDAS now supports 64--bit machines (only AMD64 and EMT64 processors) under Linux using ifort v9.0 compiler. Details here.
feb-06 \newclass{} is now shipped with GILDAS (see \newclassmemo{}).
jan-06 New PdBI extended configurations have been introduced in \astro{} and \clic{}.